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Steel Tired bicycles and inner tube jewelry

September 24, 2011

I have a morning ritual of sitting with my coffee and browsing through the articles on three websites:  MIT’s Technology Review, IEEE’s Spectrum, and Inhabitat.  Technology Review and Spectrum  are great sources of information on technology from the bleeding edge (although the Technology Review has been irritating me lately by running an editorial and a book review with a significant tilt toward the notion that fossil fuels are going to be the dominant source of energy, like,  forever).  Inhabitat is in a class of its own.  It’s probably the most visually well constructed website I regularly follow, and covers green technology, architecture, transportation,  fashion and art.  The stories are unique and well written, with  excellent photography.

This morning  two stories on Inhabitat  both touched on a love of mine, the bicycle.  The first story is of a steel tired bike, designed by Ron Arad.  When I write “steel tired” I don’t mean a rubber tired bike with steel rims, but a bike on which the steel meets the surface of the road.  People who rode it insisted that it wasn’t a rough ride because of the manner in which the steel was arranged (the tires evidently flex with the road), but similar to my view of the nearly all-wooden bike  Inhabitat  reported on earlier, I don’t think I’d want to do a century ride on a bicycle with steel tires.

However, in case the steel tire concept does gain traction in the marker, it makes me happy to note that there’s a use for all those unused bicycle inner tubes.  Inhabitat has run a feature on a line of jewelry made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, named Urban Lace.

Of course on any given day Inhabitat will have a half dozen article available about bikes made from unique materials, or unique items made from recycled bicycle parts.  Just click on transportation.

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