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Welcome to the new Off the Beaten Path in Technology

August 27, 2011

I’ve sporadically maintained my old site Off the Beaten Path in Technology on Blogger for several years, but haven’t updated it since March.  It’s devolved into a motley collection of last year’s enthusiasms, hosted on a platform I really never bothered to learn.  It is a graveyard of half-finished projects and  good, but unrealized, ideas.

At this point my retirement from my longtime workplace  is imminent.  In just under three months I’ll be back in the world of small-scale entrepreneurship on a full time basis.

My intent is to work primarily on contract web and software development which requires little to no on-site appearance, and in support of this I intend to  begin writing again.   The last time I really applied myself  to regular blogging was at the high water mark of my blog AtlantaLarry, which dealt with Atlanta neighborhoods, transportation, and urban design issues.  I was enthusiastic about the subject matter, took hundreds of photographs to post, and  wrote almost daily over a period of several years.

I plan on recapturing that spirit and enthusiasm, and the best way to do it is with a fresh start on a new platform.  So I’m going to explore WordPress, about which I’ve heard very good things,   I’ll write about my impressions of WordPress as a content management system for blogging as I gain experience with it.  Needless to say, since it’s new to me, I’m  just in the muddling stage at this point.

Despite the technology theme, my choice of subject matter is going to be broad,  and sometimes eccentric and whimsical.  As an example,  I’ll be writing somewhat Steampunk-themed accounts of the real-world heroes in the history of technology, people like Isambard Kingdom Brunel (the fellow in the photograph that accompanies this article).  I’ll also be covering really bad ideas in technology, both historical and current.

I also intend to review books, not only new ones, but the classics of technology such as Donald Knuth’s  Literate Programming (Center for the Study of Language and Information – Lecture Notes) , books I’ve been reading recently, like Edward Yourdon’s OUTSOURCE: Competing in the Global Productivity Race, and fun and thought provoking books like Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.  I’ll be reviewing these books, and more, at about one month intervals (I don’t read as quickly as I once did).

Most of all, I hope this blog is readable, informative and entertaining.  Be sure to let me know whether it succeeds or fails on any of these counts.

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